Is Voting No Longer Democratic? Elections and the Democratic Fatigue Syndrome


This essay critically addresses the arguments developed by Belgian intellectual David Van Reybrouck in his book Against Elections and specifically the presupposition underlying his entire discourse, namely, that “voting is no longer democratic.” The essay will consider Van Reybrouck’s proposed interpretation of the various causes of the democratic “crisis” and will highlight some problematic elements that have to do with the “insufficiency” of the electoral process in terms of guaranteeing the democratic character of Western political systems. Leggi tutto »

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The Party Beyond the “Short Twentieth Century”: Paths for a Rethinking


This essay critically examines the debate on the “crisis” of political parties by focusing on two points. First, it emphasizes that the “crisis” is today a crisis of a specific type of party, namely, the mass-based party, which  in Europe had its golden age during “the Short Twentieth Century” (1914-1989). Leggi tutto »

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