More Philosophy in Politics: The Formula that Saves the “Form” Party


Through a cross-examination of Aristotle and Lenin, this essay claims that only the rebirth of philosophy will enable the rebirth of parties (and of politics): without philosophy, there are no parties, and therefore there is no politics. When one speaks of “the form party,” one should not generally and trivially understand that the party is a form of organization. “Form” is to be understood in the sense that politics, and parties especially, should in-form or shape the civil society. The term “party” comes from “part.” Yet the word “party” is to be understood not only as a “part” in the social body (even the most universalist party represents pre-eminently the specific interests of a certain part of the electoral body) but also and moreover in the sense that politics and parties constitute the part of the social compound which is the part of the soul; that is, according to Aristotle, the thinking part (and for this reason, the ruling part). The fact that this, today, makes us smile is a precise indication of the question that confronts us.

More Philosophy in Politics: The Formula that Saves the “Form” Party

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