The Evaluation Society: Critique, Contestability and Skepticism


The essay begins with the observation that evaluation relates to its object in a manner that is not only descriptive, but rather constitutive. Five domains where the constitutive effects of evaluation occur are presented and illustrated. Next, three kinds of social critique are discussed, and counter-critique is offered. Each of these critiques is shown to coincide with particular ideas and roles such as “the authentic life before evaluation,” “the rational architect of evaluation systems” or “the victim of evaluation.” Finally, by using the concept of “contestability differential” as a can-opener, all evaluations are shown to rest on a combination of something which is contested with something which is not contested. On that basis, the essay concludes with a discussion of how a critique of evaluation can be cultivated in a democratic society.

The Evaluation Society: Critique, Contestability and Skepticism

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