Perceived Grace

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What it is to be graceful? Every day we use adjectives like graceful and ungraceful. When we speak of “Grace” though, we often refer to it from the point of view of the divine, where Grace is one, elusive, and unapproachable. What if we made a Copernican turnaround and thought of grace from out of the multiplicity and subjectivity of the human experience? Would divine Grace remain intact if we were to think of it on the basis of the perceptions of the experience of what is graceful? Would Grace continue to be homogeneous, or would Grace change to several “graces”? Are the ways in which we are presented with Grace relevant to our understanding of the divine Grace? These are some of the questions that this essay poses and tries to answer.

Perceived Grace

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Numero 17 GRACE July, 2016 - Autore:  Condividi


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