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Universal Pathology, or: On the Theological Whims of Health


Augustine is at the beginning of a twofold development of ideas which may appear contradictory in its outcome but is perfectly coherent if one considers the initial approach. On the one hand, health has nothing to do with sickness (from a structural standpoint, the good is not at all implied with evil): pure health and the impossibility of getting sick and die do exist. Leggi tutto »

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23 PATHOLOGY July, 2019 - Autore:


Action and “Good Will” in Hannah Arendt


Hannah Arendt’s reflections on acting were inspired by the Christian tradition and Roman and medieval thought; sometimes they developed in opposition to modern positions and in contrast with contemporary scholars. In this essay, I propose to follow Arendt’s sources with respect to the problem of the will which, although distinct from knowing, has often been called into question as autonomous faculty because preference was given to the conflict with desires and emotions. Leggi tutto »

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Ethics of Space (A Topological Reflection)

Num°11 SPACE
la cognizione del dolore

The author’s intention in this essay is not to explain the “concept” of space but rather understand the experience out of which such a concept is formed moving from the “originary subjects” of this experience as well of the experience of movement and time that are its necessary correlates. Leggi tutto »

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Numero 11 SPACE July, 2014 - Autore:

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