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Issue 24 – Alternative


Ideas, Reforms, and the Alternative


During the 1970s, the question of the alternative was thought to be fundamental. Following Herbert Marcuse’s One Dimensional Man, intellectuals engaged in an inquiry as to the possibility of a political alternative to the contemporary state of affairs. Already at that time though, their imaginings clashed with the widespread impression that the social and economic machine was moving forward of its own and it was not truly possible to affect its functioning. Next came the years of Margaret Thatcher and her TINA (There Is No Alternative)-dictum. Finally, the end of the 1990s saw the great digital revolution. In short, the revolution was carried out neither by political groups nor by nation states; rather, the revolution simply happened, as something unpredictable and unforeseen. The world today is certainly completely different from what it used to be, yet not in the sense that it constitutes an alternative to the capitalist system. Leggi tutto »

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24 ALTERNATIVE November, 2019 - Autore:


Systemic “Alternatives”: On Ordoliberal Rule in Europe and the Corruption of the Left


This essay is an attempt at assembling readers in an ambitious and perhaps even problematic undertaking, namely that of critiquing systemic, pro-capitalist alternatives, without proposing in detail any alternative, whether systemic or anti-systemic/anti-capitalist. It starts by defining the concept of “alternative” via a debate within the Italian Left; then, it moves on to examine Keynesianism and ordoliberalism – a peculiar form of neo-liberalism – as two systemic alternatives, the first applying mostly to Anglo-American contexts and the latter to German-Austrian ones. Leggi tutto »


The Concept of the Alternative in Benjamin, Horkheimer, and Adorno


What distinguishes important philosophers is that their thoughts are still worthy of close study in different times and under changed circumstances. My essay begins by exploring the meaning and etymology of the term “alternative” (section 1). The article focuses in particular on the concept of alternative in the context of the Frankfurt School. I restrict myself primarily to remarks by Walter Benjamin, Max Horkheimer, and Theodor W. Adorno (sections 2 to 4). Benjamin and Horkheimer had to deal with disappointments about ostensible alternatives whose potential they overestimated over a long period of time, but which did not hold water. Leggi tutto »

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24 ALTERNATIVE December, 2019 - Autore:

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