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The Soul and the Ghost: A Complex Physio-pathology of the Soul in Plato


Assuming that, according to Plato, the true self consists in the soul and that the rational part of the soul has the leading role as far as human affairs are concerned, it seems easy to conclude that the perfect condition of the human soul must coincide with the annihilation of irrational psychic components. The present essay intends to show that such an interpretation is reductive and philosophically ineffective. Leggi tutto »

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Nature, Art, and Beauty: The Theme of Grace in Schelling’s Akademie-Rede

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Focusing on Schelling’s 1807 lecture Über das Verhältnis der bildenden Künste zu der Natur (the so-called Akademie-Rede, given by the German philosopher at the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts), this essay explores Schelling’s conception of “grace” in the context of the wider relationship between art, nature, and beauty. Not only is grace a “feature” of some particular forms of art, as previously stated in the Philosophie der Kunst (1803), but it is also the most perfect achievement of the process of artistic creation. Leggi tutto »

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