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The Economic Miracle


The essay begins with an analysis of Malthus’ Essay on the Principle of Population, in which one can retrace a physicalism of space: the want of room implies the failure of all politics of distribution that are not first concerned with a decrease in the birth rate. Following up on this, Aristotle’s principle of non-contradiction (that is, philosophy itself) is interpreted as an economic device that creates room where there is none—something like a space generator. Whereas in the traditional static interpretation of it the principle of non-contradiction does not leave the realm of distribution, in a dynamic interpretation it actualizes an addition (it generates space). On its turn, economy does not simply distribute the already existing space but rather generates added space. Economics is therefore a philosophical science.


Work in the Richness of Humanity

Num°01 WORK

This essay focuses on the importance of human work in its partial meaning within an anthropological view that also includes action and contemplation. More precisely, one could say that an increasing risk in our society is that of falling into the alienation caused by work when it reduces human life to being an instrumental dimension of the productivistic mechanism. Conversely, only a just measure of work within human activities as a whole can guarantee the richness of work and its ethical dignity. The discussion of the theoretical issue is supported by a brief comparison of some major philosophers with respect to their evaluation of work. Leggi tutto »

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