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Play and Seriousness: Plato and Aristotle


The paper begins with a contrast between two competing paradigms of play: the child and the adult athlete.  It then argues that Plato rejects the former but strongly affirms the latter as a model of philosophy – indeed, of the best human life – itself.  Leggi tutto »

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Numero 18 SERIOUSNESS December, 2016 - Autore:


Actions, Reason Explanations, and Values


According to the orthodox causalist view, intentional action is a behavior which is caused in the right way by the reasons for which the agent acted and it is explained in terms of their causally effective reasons. Leggi tutto »

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The French Aesthetics of Contingency

Num°12 LUCK
Spes proxima alciati 1536 Livret des emblemes

This essay considers three important French literary authors who have made contingency (chance, fortune, randomness) a significant and explicit subject of their writings.  Leggi tutto »

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The emotion of Shame in Medieval Philosophy

Num°05 SHAME

In her book Pride, Shame and Guilt (1985) Gabriele Taylor argues that there are two factors in each case of shame: a self-regarding adverse judgement that one is degraded and awareness that one ought not to be in the position of being seen by a possible detached observer. Leggi tutto »


Philosophy and the Denial of the Value of Labor

Num°01 WORK

Philosophy begins in the West, as we still tell ourselves today, with Thales. On the one hand, this is completely appropriate. If, as Aristotle argues, wisdom has some relation to the search for principles, then it must not be related to anything of immediate practical concern. In this light, Thales is the perfect beginning of the philosophical enterprise. The notion that “all things are from water,” is certainly a move away from the givenness of phenomena to their principle in something that is not immediately phenomenal. Leggi tutto »

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