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“Et Coram Patre Le Si Fece Unito”: Reflections on Poverty and its Equivocations


The theme of poverty as spiritual virtue, as radical renunciation to what belongs to oneself and, in the end, as renunciation to one’s own very self is already present in Greek thought, which alludes to it for example through Plato’s image of Penia, Eros’ mother. In the Christian tradition, we find paupertas spiritu, the spiritual poverty mentioned in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Leggi tutto »

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“Vous Faites Fortune Deesse…”: Turns and Returns of Fortune in the Roman de la Rose

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In the Roman de la Rose, one of the masterpieces of medieval French literature, begun by Guillaume de Lorris around 1230 and completed by Jean de Meun between 1270 and 1280, the allegory of Fortune has a prominent place, especially in the second part of the work, where more than two thousand verses are devoted to her personification. Leggi tutto »

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Dante and Reality/Dante and Realism (Paradiso)


The invitation to contribute to this issue of “SpazioFilosofico” begins with a distinction, one that turns out moreover to be quite hermeneutically useful when applied to Dante: “Il numero non si occupa di ‘realismo’, ma di realtà”. What made the invitation even more enticing is that the description of realism that follows seems to have been tailor-made as a definition of who Dante is as a poet: “Il realismo, in un senso molto ampio, è l’atteggiamento di chi non è disposto a tradire la realtà, o a voltare le spalle all’essere”. The heuristic intersection of Dante and reality with Dante and realism is the starting point for this investigation. Leggi tutto »

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