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Robert Spaemann and the Normativity of the Real


The current essay aims at understanding the notions of “normal” and “pathological” on the grounds of the historical-theoretical reconstruction of the crisis and rediscovery of theological thought made by Robert Spaemann (1927-2018) in Natürliche Ziele. A meaningful and vital experience of the real ultimately depends on the rehabilitation of telos, which also makes possible the full intelligibility of the real in a way that escapes the dialectics between two opposed forms of reductionism, namely: naturalism and spiritualism. Leggi tutto »

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23 PATHOLOGY July, 2019 - Autore:,


Rituals and the Sacred: Reflections on the Anthropology of the Formation of Ideals


When the two oppositional pairs sacred/profane and religious/profane are not mixed up, then an anthropological (and not merely religious) analysis of rituals becomes possible. The essay carries out such a detailed analysis and examines the subsequent developments from Durkheim to Habermas. Leggi tutto »

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Numero 15 FESTIVAL II October, 2015 - Autore:

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