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Robert Spaemann and the Normativity of the Real


The current essay aims at understanding the notions of “normal” and “pathological” on the grounds of the historical-theoretical reconstruction of the crisis and rediscovery of theological thought made by Robert Spaemann (1927-2018) in Natürliche Ziele. A meaningful and vital experience of the real ultimately depends on the rehabilitation of telos, which also makes possible the full intelligibility of the real in a way that escapes the dialectics between two opposed forms of reductionism, namely: naturalism and spiritualism. Leggi tutto »

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23 PATHOLOGY July, 2019 - Autore:,


Poverty Upside Down


Christianity introduces a dangerous shift in the order of categories so that poverty ends up assuming a role similar to that played by substance. Poverty becomes the central category to which all others make reference. Health, strength, reason, and success remain part of substance, but substance, the essence, by itself is inessential. Leggi tutto »

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Numero 20 POVERTY December, 2017 - Autore:

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