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Toward an Anthropology of Poverty: Ethnographic Observations in Turin


Drawing our inspiration from Simmel’s classic reflections on the poor and Paugam’s analytic work on the “elementary forms of poverty,” this essay aims to offer some reflections on the experience of poverty through constant reference to our ethnographic researches among unemployed and homeless people in Turin. Leggi tutto »

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Numero 20 POVERTY December, 2017 - Autore:,


Economy As Logic of Government


This essay reflects on the radical change in the meaning and role of economy in relation to processes of subjectification and to the social and political bond. The genealogy of the theological-economic paradigm, which accompanies the theological-political one, highlights how economy cannot be exhausted in economy strictly defined but rather fulfills the role of logic of government. On this path, the turn toward the bio-economic production of lives is marked by the marginalizing perspective that replaces the centrality of needs with desire (a mark of subjectivity) only so as then to rule desire through rational choice.



Economics and Relations: The Difficult Way out of the Logic of Homo Oeconomicus


The model of the homo oeconomicus as a social agent whose only goal is the maximization of individual profit has been criticized for two decades at least. Yet, the wide debate on the crisis of such a model has not affected its popularity at the level of generalized sensibility. Therefore, understanding the reasons for such a success and asking whether the critiques truly hit the mark become important. After a brief excursus of the history of the concept, the essay investigates three cases of such critiques: B. S. Frey’s proposal of the homo oeconomicus maturus, the critique coming from the rediscovery of civil economics as proposed by S. Zamagni and L. Bruni, and the general anthropological rethinking caused by the theme of the gift. Through this path, the author argues for a specific thesis, namely, that in order to move “beyond” the homo oeconomicus implementing its model is not enough; rather, one needs to reformulate the anthropological vision that supports it.

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