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Action and “Good Will” in Hannah Arendt


Hannah Arendt’s reflections on acting were inspired by the Christian tradition and Roman and medieval thought; sometimes they developed in opposition to modern positions and in contrast with contemporary scholars. In this essay, I propose to follow Arendt’s sources with respect to the problem of the will which, although distinct from knowing, has often been called into question as autonomous faculty because preference was given to the conflict with desires and emotions. Leggi tutto »

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Numero 16 AGENCY February, 2016 - Autore:


Issue 07 – Economy/Economics




As a real process, economy is among the most meaningful forms of worldlization of human beings. To have a world always means also to work. Hence, the attitude toward economy can never be separated from the attitude toward the world in general. As there can be a Weltverneinung, a denial of the world, likewise there can be a denial of the economic forms that, time after time, worldlization assumes. Leggi tutto »


Economy, Politics, and Society in the Time of the Infinite Great Crisis


This essay offers a management scholar’s perspective on the themes of the current crisis, the remedies in terms of monetary and economic politics that are being enacted, and the role of political economics and of economists in the recent experience. The necessarily simplified analysis is done by following a historical route that moves from the liberalist economic thought starting in the seventies. Through the analysis of its evolution in the nineties and in the first decade of the current millennium, the essay proposes an interpretation of the role of the economists in particular and of their relation with politics as well as the need for an overcoming of the current condition. The connection between economy, society, and politics is interpreted within such a perspective in the quest for the relation with Reason.


Critique of Political Economy and Politics: between Althusser and Marx

Personen / Politiker / Deutschland / Marx / Schriften

The essay investigates some distinctive features of the critique of political economy, and especially its relation with the realm of politics. To this purpose, reference is made to Althusser’s interpretation of Marx in Lire le Capital, with its strengths and limitations. The essay explores a complex mode of understanding the link between theory and praxis according to which it is not possible to deduce one term from the other.


Issue 06 – Saturation

numero 06 – saturazione


The Age of the Plug


We have decided to devote this issue to the concept of “saturation” because we think that saturation is both a widespread feeling and a concept under shock, a concept that must be rethought. As feeling, “saturation” designates something like being fed up. It is a condition of light submersion that is however sufficient to make one drown, as in the beautiful photographs by Alban Grosdidier. Leggi tutto »


Prisons and saturation. Interview with Pietro Marcenaro

Sen. Pietro Marcenaro

We can define as “saturated” those situations in which human dignity is violated and there occurs a trespassing of that limit that ought to remain inviolable for everyone and for all reasons whatsoever. In Italian prisons, this limit has been clearly trespassed for a while now. In the Report of the Italian Senate’s Commission on Human Rights, we have spoken of “minimal incarceration,” that is, of resorting to prison as to the last recourse to be taken up only when there is no other possibility. Everything would then simply change in the Italian Leggi tutto »


«Truth is not served on silver plates»


Truth is not served on silver plates by obliging servants. One must look for the truth each time anew. Truth is the result of procedures and rules Leggi tutto »


Truth, Parrhesia, and Politics in Ancient Greece


Following up on Foucault, the author addresses the idea of parrhesia in ancient Greece, especially in Plato. There is no democracy if there is no parrhesia, Leggi tutto »

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