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Hans Joas and the Creativity of Action


This essay presents the fundamental aspects of the theory of the creativity of action as it is developed by Hans Joas, the German sociologist. The theory is based on the retrieval, started with a monograph on Mead, of American pragmatism; it is aimed at overcoming both utilitarianism and normativism through a criticism of their shared presuppositions, namely, the logic of means to ends, the disposability of the body, and the autonomy of the subject. Leggi tutto »

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Numero 16 AGENCY February, 2016 - Autore:


Complete Gesture: A Pragmatist Tool for Education


Classic pragmatists proposed different tools for inquiry and education. John Dewey’s method of problem solving is the most known of them all and represents the pragmatists’ deep attitude toward a continuous conception of theory and practice. However, Dewey and the other pragmatists failed to understand the rationale of this continuity as a different conception of synthesis. Leggi tutto »

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Numero 10 EDUCATION February, 2014 - Autore:


A sound Sense of Reality


The notion of reality is strictly intertwined with the concreteness of our cognitive and evaluative practices, their complexity, and the dynamism of the inevitable interference of empirical and logico-semantic factors that constitute it. From this perspective, the demand to choose between realism and anti-realism can only appear as a pseudo-problem which is moreover nourished with unsustainable dualisms, such as those between mind and world, pragmatic and epistemic, as well as the methodological dichotomies that gather around such oppositions.


Work as Knowledge. A Semiotic Look

Num°01 WORK

“Work” is usually understood as an applicative or derivative field of some more fundamental theoretical philosophy. The first task of this paper is to show that this conception is due to a Kantian heritage that never got rid of the distinction between theory and practice because it never questioned the analytic/synthetic distinction proposed by the German thinker. Leggi tutto »

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