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Issue 05 – Modesty/Shame

Num°05 SHAME




It is not moralism when we remark that, in the case of politicians, an evident absence of modesty or shame in the private sphere tends to indicate a lack of sense of limits, that is, of reality, which can be easily accompanied with an arrogant and tyrannical attitude. Leggi tutto »



Num°05 SHAME

Through a deep confrontation with Scheler’s and Bonhoeffer’s conceptions of modesty, the author defines modesty as a threshold-sentiment, which guards a disproportion and keeps memory of a lost nature. Leggi tutto »


The strange Case of (Vicarious) Modesty and its Atmosphere

Num°05 SHAME

Saying that modesty has disappeared from our society is too quick and easy. In truth, it has simply migrated to other contexts, within which it performs a regulative function in relation to post-traditional values. It would be incorrect also to think of modesty as of an entirely personal feeling. Leggi tutto »


Socrates’ Last Gesture. Modesty and Enigma

Num°05 SHAME

The scene of Socrates’ death relates to us the philosopher’s last words, expressed in the famous and enigmatic sentence “we owe a cock to Asclepius. Make this offering to him and do not forget.” Before and after these words, however, Socrates makes and repeats a gesture that is overshadowed in the particular narrative structure of the Phaedo: he covers his face. Leggi tutto »


Plasticity and Modesty

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Before being an attitude, modesty is an emotional state. As all emotions, it is partially undetermined. In its uncertainty, however, modesty is self-confident: it does not know yet which form to take up exactly, yet it is defined by the rejection of the unformed; Leggi tutto »


Modesty as Political Factor

Num°05 SHAME

The body is a living being—“living” means that which holds the body, and especially the body of the animal-human being, together. As already in Plotinus, “life” means a structural unbalance between the body and the knowledge of it. Leggi tutto »


Modesty, Nakedness and Dualism

Num°05 SHAME

The Italian word “pudore” means both a feeling of shame and the virtue of modesty. The concept of modesty as a true virtue is now compromised by the overcoming of the traditional dualistic conception of the human being. Leggi tutto »


Failed Modesty?

Num°05 SHAME

The author clearly distinguishes between shame and modesty. Unlike shame, the intentional correlate of modesty is something positive. Leggi tutto »


At the Origins of Sexual Revolution. Sexuologists against Modesty.

Num°05 SHAME

Between the Fifties and the Sixties the sex reasearchers were among the most important cultural forces in the struggle for a sexual revolution in the USA. Starting with the pioneering work of Alfred Kinsey and his associates, they made sexual research in laboratories and wrote scientific reports (which often became, in book form, national bestsellers); Leggi tutto »

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