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For an Alternative to Male Chauvinism: A Critique of Violence in Gender Relation


The essay highlights how, in the system of inter-human relations, qualitative alternatives open up when one exits the logic of power and conforms instead to the dynamics of relational harmonization. Within this context, the node of men-women relations remains crucial. The multiple forms of violence upon women indicate that the causes of the problem are structural and not contingent. Leggi tutto »

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24 ALTERNATIVE December, 2019 - Autore:


In Place of Sacrifice: The Scandal of Grace

Num°17 GRACE

This essay intends to develop the essential relation between grace and mercy in opposition to sacrificial logics. Whereas philosophy acknowledges its specific vocation to critical inquiry in particular regarding the meaning of the human experience of the gift as a form of relationship, mercy has instead been overshadowed not only in Western thought, but also in the traditional hermeneutics of the evangelic texts. Leggi tutto »

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Numero 17 GRACE July, 2016 - Autore:


The Promise and the Festival


This essay advances a conception of festival as shared expression of an experience of happiness. Happiness is in turn understood as harmony between the answer we are capable of giving life and the answer life gives us. In the tension implied in this dialectic there lies, for us, the wait for what is truly adequate not only to our desire but also to our being. Leggi tutto »

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Numero 14 FESTIVAL I August, 2015 - Autore:


The Intercultural Transformation of Economy


Moving from a critique of capitalism as a model of global civilization that needs to be overcome, the essay delineates the turns necessary for the construction of an alternative. The first turn is of a spiritual-anthropological kind; the second is of an ethical type; and the third is of a technical-economic nature. The leading thread in these correlative turns is a criterion of justice according to human dignity and the common good.

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