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The Alternative in the Mediatized World: Between Visibility and Secret


In this essay, I address the theme of the alternative starting from the question of whether alternatives are still possible in the time of the mediatized life world. Today, in a world where everything is a sign, to be truly such, an alternative should escape the logic of signs. Yet, as soon as an alternative appears in the mediatized life world, it appears always and necessarily as a sign, as a simulacrum of the alternative. Leggi tutto »

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24 ALTERNATIVE December, 2019 - Autore:


Modesty as Political Factor

Num°05 SHAME

The body is a living being—“living” means that which holds the body, and especially the body of the animal-human being, together. As already in Plotinus, “life” means a structural unbalance between the body and the knowledge of it. Leggi tutto »

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