Future of Man: A Rightist Interpretation of Order

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It always takes time for a generation to notice what the real issues are, and to understand what are the most relevant questions to be raised. We have, however, a compass that helps us to show directions and raise points which could select what is relevant and what is not. Wisdom is the ultimate resort in our endeavor to tell the relevant from the irrelevant. Wisdom is nothing else than a need for a comprehensive view whatever the matter on the agenda is. The more we lose our belief in (and supporting knowledge of) the possibility of being capable of understanding the comprehensive view of our life, the less we can hope for in our search for particular knowledge. Wisdom is indispensable firstly when we are to give the name of an event, action or decision we are surrounded and determined by. Today we are also confronted with the problem of what is our most relevant issue that decides, directly or indirectly, our choices while living and organizing our life.

The major question is what the goal is that gears our decisions and choices. We have many goals in our daily activities but each of them unavoidably leads towards to the few questions which are final ones by their very nature. With the evolution of modernity the standard of what is our aim or goal is framed in the following way: what is new is superior to what is old. Modernity is a comprehensive conception for the adulation of the new. Therefore the fundamental distinction between various forms of political commitments and ideas should be judged by the diverse attitude towards what is new: those who are inspired by the idea of what is new, will form the group of progressives who are split along a wide range of the ideological spectrum from Marxists to radical liberals, socialists, Freudians, followers of most modern economic schools etc.; and there are those who do not accept the idea of progress, and are skeptical about the superior quality of what is new in comparison to what is old. This is the reason why tradition (“what is handed down”) has become the central idea of modern conservatism which is certainly not identical with the idea of modern Right.

The rift between modern political Left and Right is due to the issue of whether it is the ancient authors or the modern ones who can give better answers to man’s needs and questions. One must be reminded that authors before modernity did not have to be categorized as ‘leftist’ or ‘rightist’. Plato, Aristotle, Cicero or Dante, Shakespeare, Hobbes or even Rousseau were simply authors, thinkers, but never leftists or rightists. But something happened over the centuries of modernity which challenged the integrity of human life. In modernity no one can live a life without being forced to be labeled as either leftist or rightist. If the only question is whether you accept the historically supported idea of progress, or you refuse it, then we shall not be able to break the barriers between Left and Right. It is not an expression of emotions but an insight allowing us to realize why it is a misleading endeavor to think about politics in terms of Left and Right. Conflicts are intrinsic in politics, but the conflict between the Left and the Right is an artificial one, brought about by the modern idea of progress.

Future of Man: A Rightist Interpretation of Order

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