Issue 13 – Evaluation


Evaluation? Yes, But Not This Way!



Our society, based on the sharing of information and knowledge, is also an evaluation society. The parents of school age children have the right, for example, to know the criteria on the basis of which grades are given. Almost everywhere this generates evaluation grids. Leggi tutto »


Research Quality Evaluation in the Managerial Disciplines: Good Intentions, Bad Practices, and Urgent Changes


The evaluation of university professors’ activities has recently become a crucial issue in the academic debate, with a particular consideration for research funding. Beyond the mere financial aspects of such a domain, there is a reputational framework involved in this field that reshapes the power architecture of the Italian universities – and of society as a whole through this. Leggi tutto »

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Numero 13 EVALUATION February, 2015 - Autore:


Economy, Politics, and Society in the Time of the Infinite Great Crisis


This essay offers a management scholar’s perspective on the themes of the current crisis, the remedies in terms of monetary and economic politics that are being enacted, and the role of political economics and of economists in the recent experience. The necessarily simplified analysis is done by following a historical route that moves from the liberalist economic thought starting in the seventies. Through the analysis of its evolution in the nineties and in the first decade of the current millennium, the essay proposes an interpretation of the role of the economists in particular and of their relation with politics as well as the need for an overcoming of the current condition. The connection between economy, society, and politics is interpreted within such a perspective in the quest for the relation with Reason.

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