Issue 16 – Action/Agency




To study actions means to thematize that which is most common and hidden; by thematizing it, one discloses its non-obviousness. Every theory of action begins by describing a specific conceptual field, one that is characterized by self-understanding and motivation, within the more general, semantic area having to do with movements, processes, and behaviors. Leggi tutto »

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Numero 16 AGENCY February, 2016 - Autore:,


Issue 13 – Evaluation


Evaluation? Yes, But Not This Way!



Our society, based on the sharing of information and knowledge, is also an evaluation society. The parents of school age children have the right, for example, to know the criteria on the basis of which grades are given. Almost everywhere this generates evaluation grids. Leggi tutto »


Evaluation and Novelty


The thesis of this essay is that the current research quality evaluation system is allergic to greatness. The mantra of innovation seems intentionally made to caution us against novelty. Leggi tutto »

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Numero 13 EVALUATION February, 2015 - Autore:


Issue 12 – Luck

Num°12 LUCK



The thought of having barely made it, of having been lucky or, on the contrary, really unlucky often comes to mind.
There are circumstances that are lucky and others that are, clearly, unlucky; people who are luckier than others; entire lives that unfold with no major obstacles and rather full of opportunities, and other lives that develop on difficult paths ever since the beginning and where the lack of opportunities is accompanied by serious negative events. Carlo S. died the very day when the end of the war was announced—he was standing on the roof of his house when he was hit by a bullet shot in a celebration for which he himself was dancing with joy. In this case, we may say that it was a fatality; for him, it was definitely bad luck. Leggi tutto »

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Numero 12 LUCK October, 2014 - Autore:,


Issue 11 – Space

Num°11 SPACE

The Necessary Space


Had Heidegger not become for some time now (and perhaps for a while longer) an embarrassing presence for thought, one could have invited a reflection on Space (in philosophy, in science, in architecture, etc.) via some of his dynamic tautologies such as: Leggi tutto »


The Logical Space of Contradiction

Num°11 SPACE

This paper interprets the criticism of the principle of non-contradiction (whose itinerary is retraced especially in G. Priest and N. Vasiliev) as a way to make space. It is difficult that a blue surface may also be red, and thus non-blue, at the same time and in the same respect. Leggi tutto »

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Numero 11 SPACE July, 2014 - Autore:


Education as “Accessible Beyond”: A Proposal for Reforming the Educational System


The educational system—first of all, schools and universities—is an institution; yet an institution is a dwelling for human beings. What is this dwelling like? What kind of (public) space is it? It would not be a dwelling if it were not fully accessible, or even better, if it were not a place which we do not even need to access because we are always already in it. Leggi tutto »

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