(Atmospheric) Spaces and Feelings: Following up on Schmitz’s New Phenomenology

Num°11 SPACE

Hermann Schmitz’s New Phenomenology opposes the prevailing conception of space understood either as a formal continuum void of lacunae (geometry and physics) or as an external theater within which human beings are spectators and actors (common sense). Leggi tutto »

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Numero 11 SPACE July, 2014 - Autore:


The strange Case of (Vicarious) Modesty and its Atmosphere

Num°05 SHAME

Saying that modesty has disappeared from our society is too quick and easy. In truth, it has simply migrated to other contexts, within which it performs a regulative function in relation to post-traditional values. It would be incorrect also to think of modesty as of an entirely personal feeling. Leggi tutto »

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