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Failed Modesty?

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The author clearly distinguishes between shame and modesty. Unlike shame, the intentional correlate of modesty is something positive. Leggi tutto »


At the Origins of Sexual Revolution. Sexuologists against Modesty.

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Between the Fifties and the Sixties the sex reasearchers were among the most important cultural forces in the struggle for a sexual revolution in the USA. Starting with the pioneering work of Alfred Kinsey and his associates, they made sexual research in laboratories and wrote scientific reports (which often became, in book form, national bestsellers); Leggi tutto »


Modesty: Veil of the Sacred

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When speaking of modesty, one commonly thinks of a quality that regards sexuality. In truth, it regards the whole person in his or her integral physical and spiritual unity. Leggi tutto »


Beyond the Common Sense of Modesty?

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Quite widespread today is the perception that we live in the age of the sexualization of culture, in which the topic of sex becomes ever more visible and legitimate. There are some who understand this tendency in positive and emancipatory terms; Leggi tutto »


The emotion of Shame in Medieval Philosophy

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In her book Pride, Shame and Guilt (1985) Gabriele Taylor argues that there are two factors in each case of shame: a self-regarding adverse judgement that one is degraded and awareness that one ought not to be in the position of being seen by a possible detached observer. Leggi tutto »


Homer and the Culture of Pre-Modesty

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In Homer, the word that comes closer to “modesty” is aidos. In a culture like Homer’s, where the notion of psycho-physical individuality is not developed yet, and where therefore there is no place for our “sense of modesty,” the idea of aidos (shame, restraint) assumes an anthropologically determining value, which does not belong to the individual psychological sphere but is rather a collective mechanism to regulate social interactions. Leggi tutto »


The Force of the Weak Sex: Modesty between Nature and Convention according to J.-J. Rousseau

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The aim of this paper is to show the originality of Rousseau’s conception of modesty (pudeur) when compared to the eighteenth-Century debate, in which two sharply contrasting explanations for this feeling were opposed. Leggi tutto »

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