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Issue 01 – Work/Labor

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Spaziofilosofico begins its publication in January 2011 with an issue devoted to “Work.”

Once it would have been normal that a philosophy journal addressed such a theme; today, we think, it might be so again. In 1981, the Italian press Marzorati published an Anthological History of the Philosophy of Work, for the series “Great Works,” comprised of 7 volumes and 4,500 pages, and edited by Antimo Negri. Leggi tutto »

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The Trascendentals of Work

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A misunderstanding should be eliminated: that is, that work and rights can be separated. Those who assert such a theory think that reality is made of indipendent layers. According to them, it is always possible to remove the upper layer (in this case, rights) and keep the lower (in this case, labor/work). Rights (for example,  the non-precariousness of work) are an addition, whereas work can exist also independently: the addition is unessential. The thesis I argue for in this essay is, on the contrary, that the addition is intrinsic and originary. Leggi tutto »


Work in the Richness of Humanity

Num°01 WORK

This essay focuses on the importance of human work in its partial meaning within an anthropological view that also includes action and contemplation. More precisely, one could say that an increasing risk in our society is that of falling into the alienation caused by work when it reduces human life to being an instrumental dimension of the productivistic mechanism. Conversely, only a just measure of work within human activities as a whole can guarantee the richness of work and its ethical dignity. The discussion of the theoretical issue is supported by a brief comparison of some major philosophers with respect to their evaluation of work. Leggi tutto »


Work and Human Nature

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This essay highlights the main issues that concern the transformation of work within a global-knowledge economy. Emphasis is placed on the anthropological background that post-Fordist capitalism lets emerge for the first time. The essay concludes by arguing that an analogous attention should be placed on the differences that, in the contemporary age, continue to exist among various individuals and not simply between past and present or between human beings and animals. Leggi tutto »


The Word “Work”

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From a functional standpointpoint of view, a constitution is the ensemble of prohibitions that are set in place with respect to possible and actual developments within the system that are perceived as destructive and moreover self-destructive. Constitutional references to work are prohibitions against possible “repressive” tendencies with respect to work—tendencies that are perceived as always latent Leggi tutto »


Philosophical Interview about the Concept of Work

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Philosophical interviews are an invitation to rethink a concept thanks to the aid of an expert in philosophy. In the specific case, the person being interviewed is a factory worker whom we approach regarding the issue of work and whom we ask for the courage of its essential definition. The definition then sets out on a journey through reality where it has to come to terms Leggi tutto »


Work – From a Materialistic to a Humanistic Account of Human Labor

Num°01 WORK

Crises are chances for change. The recent economic crisis makes no exception. Followed by a host of immediate practical changes in the regulatory framework of the global economy, especially within the financial sector, its lasting influence may, however, rather lie elsewhere: in triggering theoretical reflections on how we do business and why we work. Leggi tutto »

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