Numero 03 VIOLENCE

Issue 03 – Violence




(Translated by Silvia Benso)

Violence is a difficult phenomenon to think of. This is possibly so, one could argue, because violence is the place of the irruption of blind reality, void of all symbolic mediations — violence would amount to an escape from language, and therefore language would have a hard time understanding violence within its own forms. Leggi tutto »


Hidden Violence


In the sixties, Pope Paul VI said that development is the new name of peace. Today we could say that the interdependent domain of banks and capital is the new name for peace. Leggi tutto »


(Pre-)Politics of the Human: Reduction to the Basic Between Rights and Violence


The increasingly frequent appeal to the universality of human rights risks dissimulating a danger: the bearer of universal rights is void of any belonging and citizenship, is reduced as it were to what is basic, and thereby is exposed to violence. Leggi tutto »


Monsters, Inc.


This essay aims at settling the drift of modern images of evil according to the stereotypes that art and education have determined in the bourgeois collective imagination. It also aim at showing the unfolding of a progressive de-substantialization of such figures, Leggi tutto »


Excess and Abstinence


Can one consider the rights of minors and the respect that is owed to them within a discourse that addresses the issue of violence? One may answer: Of course, if children are indoctrinated, if one does not show any respect to children, etc. Leggi tutto »


Love as a Total Institution. A Theoretical Model for Understanding Violence against Women


Catania, 30 March 2009. It is ten o’clock in the morning and  113,  the emergency telephone number in Italy, receives a call in a male voice: “come right away, I have killed my wife”. The police go to a building in the centre of the city and find the body of Maria Pia Sciuto. Leggi tutto »


Human Ethics as Violence towards Animals: the Demonized Wolf


This essay discusses how our traditional ethics may harbor assumptions that place humans in a position in which overt violence towards animals is an almost inevitable outcome since their formulation involves violence towards ourselves and our animal fellows in our cutting our embodied ties with them. Leggi tutto »

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