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Nicolai Lilin: Useful Violence?


Raised in the criminal ghetto of Bender in Transnistria at the periphery of the former Soviet empire and then a sniper in the special units of the Russian army in Chechnya, the writer Nicolai Lilin narrates his own story and reflects on his tragic experience that is entirely immersed in violence: Leggi tutto »


On Violence: Violated and Inviolable Dignity


When we reflect on violence, we distinguish it from strength. Thus one should differentiate between war and police action, army and public force. From a euristic perspective, violence is analyzed as material, structural, and cultural. Leggi tutto »


Media and Violence: Why Do We Watch?


What do people do with violent media? Why do they seek and subject themselves to violent contents? What pleasures or gratifications do they get out of them? Leggi tutto »

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Women, the “Secret Weapon” of Modern Warfare?


In her essay, Kelly Oliver argues that women’s violence is given more media attention than men’s violence, not just because it is less prominent or because there are not as many women soldiers or militants than men.  Leggi tutto »


Stalking: An Analysis of the Phenomenon


Stalking has only recently been distinguished from a wide range of other socially inappropriate, intrusive and potentially distressing activities: it is described by literature as a behavior characterized by repeated intrusions involving unwanted contacts Leggi tutto »


Dissonant Forms of Violence


This essay addresses the notion of violence from the following three points of view: a) the indirect effects of violence through an explanation of the connection between identity and sense of belonging in Amartya Sen’s writings; Leggi tutto »


For a Critique of Power: State of Rights, State of Emergency, and Revolution


In the attempt at denying the equation between power and violence, in this essay I seek a path that proposes neither the solution of the legalization of strength through rights nor the foundation of power on an ultimate value. Leggi tutto »

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