Saturation – An Originary Distributive Situation


The essay is a short theological-political treatise that, on the basis of an interpretation of Christianity as religion of the addition, proposes a reading of the political situation in terms of the categories of saturation, addition, and distribution. Faced with the crisis of the social welfare state, the author advances a definition of saturation as originary distributive situation. Distribution does not emerge out of the availability of the surplus but, on the contrary, out of the impossibility of satisfying everyone’s needs. Politics, which today is called to solve the puzzle of finding resources that are inexistent, is in search of theoretical models capable of supporting its effort. Through the retrieval, among other things, of Scotus’ model of a nimia communitas, the ontology of the addition wishes to offer some helpful tools to this task.

Saturation – An Originary Distributive Situation

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