An Education “Possible” Within the Crisis

dante e virgilio

In order to identify the significant elements of the condition of education today, it is important to refer to the socialization models that have become predominant in modern society. One can thus highlight both the features that characterize the crisis of contemporary education and the aspects that make it possible. In the course of this reflection, I will show how the opposition between an education functional to society and an education functional to the subject has become meaningless. I will highlight the bases that ground socialization today. On the basis of an important dimension such as communication, I will discuss intersubjectivity and interdependency. Moreover, I will focus my attention especially on the question of the authority principle and the relation among generations. I will show the weakness of an exclusively informal socialization and thus the importance of communication between grownups and youth that is founded on reciprocal recognition, retrieval of historical time, reciprocity, and responsibility as practice of freedom.


An Education “Possible” Within the Crisis

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Numero 10 EDUCATION February, 2014 - Autore:  Condividi


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