Educational Action as Apprenticeship for the Possible


Apprenticeship is an important and effective employment solution, at the individual as well as social levels, to promote future progress. On the one hand, apprenticeship prepares young people for a professional career; on the other hand, it facilitates their access into the job market. It is a positive way to ensure that young people’s potential is attained and, at the same time, it is a source of new resources for building an innovative society.

The educational implications of apprenticeship, however, should not be limited to the transmission and practice of a profession. Ahead of being an exchange formula (between apprentice and employer/work), apprenticeship should be recognized as the original modality of human experience.

This paper focuses on a “wider” apprenticeship,” highlighting the most important elements of this educational process engaged in training human capabilities for improvement and innovation.

Educational Action as Apprenticeship for the Possible

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