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Right and Left: Two Concepts Suspended Between Essences, Ideal Types and Conventions

Issue 22 RIGHT and LEFT

For decades, in the philosophical as well as the historical, political theory, and sociological fields, a debate has developed on two related albeit distinct themes: namely, on the one hand, the cultural and ideological contents that should be associated with the notions of “the right” and “the left” and on the other, the ability of these two concepts to represent the cleavages that currently determine political affiliations and electoral behaviors. Leggi tutto »

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Issue 22 RIGHT and LEFT December, 2018 - Autore:


An Obsolete Concept for Democracy? Elections and the Crisis of Political Representation


The aim of this essay is to investigate the concept of elections in relation to the crisis of political representation. The first objective is to review the details of the adoption of the “elective principle,” especially through the contribution of Bernard Manin. The second step is to consider the political effects of the adoption of the idea of “deselection.” Leggi tutto »

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Numero 19 ELECTIONS July, 2017 - Autore:

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