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Hylas and Philonous ten years after


Ten years after the first, this is the second chapter of the dialogue between Hylas (alias Maurizio Ferraris) and Philonous (alias Achille C. Varzi), one of the decisive texts in the debate of new realism. There is, however, a small yet decisive shift in focus—from what is there to what could be there.


The Dreams of Finance explained with the Dreams of Metaphysics


The recent economic crisis has called a strong attention to the problem of financial speculation and its disastrous consequences for real economy. But what is “speculation”? This word has its origin within the philosophical field: starting from this remark, this essay questions the relation between the philosophical and the economical concepts of speculation, trying to show their common “metaphysical” structure. Kant’s critique of speculation is then taken as guide for a philosophical critique of economic speculation and its financial Schwärmerei.

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