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The Right and the Left: An Asymmetrical Difference

Issue 22 RIGHT and LEFT
Disegno di Beppe Giacobbe

The distinction between the right and the left is not at all outdated. Currently, we certainly live in a time of confusion, when the transition from one side of the line to the other seems to be more fluid than usual. Even though the distinction is at times porous, even evanescent, it would be wiser avoiding asserting that two mountains connected by a valley are one and the same mountain, as Goethe suggests. Leggi tutto »

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Issue 22 RIGHT and LEFT December, 2018 - Autore:


Critique of Political Economy and Politics: between Althusser and Marx

Personen / Politiker / Deutschland / Marx / Schriften

The essay investigates some distinctive features of the critique of political economy, and especially its relation with the realm of politics. To this purpose, reference is made to Althusser’s interpretation of Marx in Lire le Capital, with its strengths and limitations. The essay explores a complex mode of understanding the link between theory and praxis according to which it is not possible to deduce one term from the other.

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