An Interval of Grace: The Time of Ethics

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In my previous analyses of ethical gestures I have tried to reflect upon, in my opinion, one of the most important problems in ethics, namely, the constitution of an ethical interiority. On this issue, I have first written two papers on Schopenhauer, discussing the role of body in his metaphysical conception of ethics. I have also brought Schopenhauer’s thought closer to American pragmatism, to James’ radical empiricism specifically. Why Schopenhauer? Allow me to briefly outline my interpretation. In his On the Basis of Morality, Schopenhauer writes the following:

“With these allusions to the metaphysics of ethics I must rest content, although an important step remains to be taken. But this presupposes that a further step be taken in ethics itself, which I could not do, because the highest aim of ethics is limited to jurisprudence and moral philosophy in Europe, and here no one knows, or indeed will admit, what is beyond these” (Schopenhauer 1998, p. 214).

An Interval of Grace: The Time of Ethics

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