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Play and Seriousness: Plato and Aristotle


We begin with play. Two quite different models can be summoned to represent it. The first is offered by Heraclitus, and then embraced by Nietzsche centuries later.

“Lifetime (aiôn) is a child playing (pais paizôn) […] the kingdom is in the hands of a child.” Leggi tutto »

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Actions, Reason Explanations, and Values


There is a fundamental gap between things that merely occur or happen to us and actions we perform intentionally and for a reason. These kinds of behavior call for different explanations. According to the causalist theory of mind and action, both kinds of behavior are to be explained causally but they differ in their causal histories. Leggi tutto »

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The French Aesthetics of Contingency

Num°12 LUCK
Spes proxima alciati 1536 Livret des emblemes

French literary modernity has, since the Renaissance of the 16th century been increasingly concerned with the experience of contingency, with the circumstantial, fleeting, and unpredictable incidents of human life. Three writers stand out for the central and explicit place they accord to chance: Blaise Pascal, Charles Baudelaire, and Stéphane Mallarmé.

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The emotion of Shame in Medieval Philosophy

Num°05 SHAME

In her Pride, Shame and Guilt (1985) Gabriele Taylor discusses the emotions mentioned in the title of the book as those of self-assessment. She argues that the experience of such emotions involves beliefs about the self, its relations to social norms and its consequent standing in the world. Leggi tutto »


Philosophy and the Denial of the Value of Labor

Num°01 WORK

Philosophy begins in the West, as we still tell ourselves today, with Thales. On the one hand, this is completely appropriate. If, as Aristotle argues, wisdom has some relation to the search for principles, then it must not be related to anything of immediate practical concern. In this light, Thales is the perfect beginning of the philosophical enterprise. The notion that “all things are from water,” is certainly a move away from the givenness of phenomena to their principle in something that is not immediately phenomenal. Leggi tutto »

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