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Serious Subjects: on Values, Time, and Death


Asking about the “what” of seriousness, is asking into the essence of seriousness. Looking for its commonalities among its various social or everyday instantiations, seriousness appears as a virtue characterizing someone with a calm, steady, and sober character; a virtue whose vices are any behaviors that betray calm, steadiness, and sobriety. Thus, in our everyday interactions, seriousness refers to subjects, particularly, to a subject’s demeanor. Leggi tutto »

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An Interval of Grace: The Time of Ethics

Num°17 GRACE

In my previous analyses of ethical gestures I have tried to reflect upon, in my opinion, one of the most important problems in ethics, namely, the constitution of an ethical interiority. On this issue, I have first written two papers on Schopenhauer, discussing the role of body in his metaphysical conception of ethics. I have also brought Schopenhauer’s thought closer to American pragmatism, to James’ radical empiricism specifically. Leggi tutto »

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Economy revisited. Will Green be the Colour of Money or Life?


Economy and ecology are both derived from oikos, which is the Greek word for “home” or “household.” Ecology is the science of the household, both local and at the level of Gaia, our planetary home. Economy is supposed to be the management of the household. Aristotle referred to oikonomia as the art of living. He differentiated it from Chrematistics, the art of money making. Leggi tutto »

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